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Hi, welcome at Rooseveld!

My name is Roel and as a marketing professional, I believe that everything has to fit perfectly to make sure a marketing campaign reaches success. You, our co-workers and me have to see the big picture and work together as a team. I’ve had the unique opportunity to work on several types of mid- and high level marketing campaigns. Over the years, I’ve helped businesses leave their impact through comprehensive and dynamic marketing solutions that are based on the future. ​Our plans today, are outdated tomorrow. Let's be ahead of the trend!

Let's have a look at what I provide

Organized Desk


B2C & B2B websites


Beyond just aesthetics, I understand you prioritize functionality and performance. I will ensure that every website I build is responsive, optimized for search engines, and equipped with essential features to enhance user experience and drive engagement. I am specialized in Shopify (Advanced & Plus) websites.

Fitness App


Get your paid ads running


My approach is characterized by a deep understanding of various advertising platforms. From social media channels like Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest to search engine giants such as Google. I leverage the latest tools and technologies to optimize ad-campaigns, ensuring maximum ROI for your business.​ 

Business Plan


Building a brand


I offer a professional perspective at the intersection of digital media and marketing strategy. I enjoy brainstorming creative ideas with clients and using my marketing experience to ensure they get the most out of their digital strategy. This service will help your business grab the attention of your audience in an oversaturated digital world.​

Maybe it's a good idea to tell a little bit more about myself

Roel Klepper  
born in Rotterdam,
based in Amsterdam.
34 years young.

From the use of simple marketing tools to the creation of marketing campaigns; I’ve been involved in the field of marketing since 2008. I started my bachelor of business administration with a focus on marketing and finished it a few years later.


I've been working in front and behind the camera, behind a desk and in the field. I've done business with companies like O'Neill, Johnny Loco, Levi's, Robuust Amsterdam, United Dutch Breweries and Yoga For Surfers. Let's keep up the good work!


But what about Rooseveld, 

how did you came up with that name?

You know how youngsters are,
we had a drink or two, and suddenly the name Rooseveld was born.
Still love it though.

Get in touch

Thanks for checking out my website. I love interacting with like-minded individuals and businesses to make a difference. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re in need of marketing expertise or would simply like to chat. Use this form or just send me an e-mail via your own browser. Let's meet!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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